Wednesday, May 15, 2013

6.5 weeks out

Height: 5'10". Current Weight: 129-130 lbs...hasn't changed, but I've been relaxing on cardio. We are 6.5 weeks out from NPC Bikini-San Jose Fit Expo. 8.5 solid weeks into cutting.

Today's Topic: Finding Your Groove and then Letting Go Of It.
Today was bench / upper body day. Something coach always talks about when I'm benching is finding your groove and keeping the bar IN that groove. If you let the bar get away from you (and this is true in deadlifting too!) you're going to lose your tightness and stability. My whole life I've been very meticulous about the way I've gone about getting what I want. I'm methodical and I follow, step-by-step, the stages of the process I feel necessary to achieve my goals. I'm extremely passionate--almost to a fault. When I want something, I'm going to go get it no matter the cost. I had dinner with my Dad last night and he basically broke down my personality--when something intrigues me or inspires me, I pursue it with my whole heart and I fold in INTO myself, enveloping it and making it a part of who I am. That sentiment is totally true of the fitness journey I'm currently going through. And while I feel it is so necessary to have goals in mind and so important to situate yourself in your own "groove", something I find difficult is to just let things happen organically and just go with the flow. I always said back in late September/early October when I started this journey that I wanted to peek into the future and know for a fact the type of body I was going to transform mine into. I'm impatient to say the least. But I've learned in the past 8 or so weeks of this prep that it's OKAY to let go of the groove for a's okay to let things coast, happen, and transform you INDIRECTLY. I don't need to have the power or ultimate control over every part of my life, and it's okay because, no matter what, I'm going to be successful because of the steps I've already taken to set myself up for that success.

Like I said, I'm a planner...but some things in life you can't plan, you can't force, you can't WILL. I saw this quote today and it said "To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy." I'm really happy in literally every aspect of my life right now, and I owe that to a positive mindset and the past 8 weeks of "letting go of the groove". When you stay positive, tackle the personal and spiritual, and enjoy every waking moment of BLESSED time on this earth, positive things happen, you meet positive people, and you inspire others to pursue their own form of positivity.

Feeling: Bloated! Dad came to dinner last night and I sorta went over my calorie limit by about 100-150 calories. No matter was all good, clean, hearty food (AVOCADO NOM). I'm nearing the end of my fat burner/thermogenic so we'll see what kind of water weight I lose in the next 2 weeks. I ordered my suit so that makes me so happy! Alright, lunch time (garden patties woo!). Thanks for all the support guys!

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  1. Found your post a few weeks ago on Reddit, and have been following your journey ever since. I'm totally cheering for you with this contest!! Thanks for posting your progress and tips. Your quote last week about healthy food as an act of self-love, not punishment really resonated with me. I've always thought of watching what I eat as punishment for having been gluttonous in the past, but this really changed my mindset. Best wishes on the next few weeks!!