Sunday, September 1, 2013

I'm baaaaaack

So I took some time away from this blog to focus in on what my next set of goals were. I've been contacted by quite a few companies for mini-sponsorships and taste tests so I decided to come back and start to share my recipes on a weekly basis. I'm currently prepping for a powerlifting meet on October 27th (in the 132 weight class)...which means I am on a slow bulk at about 2000 calories a day. My weight is sitting at around 134-135. Coach wants me up to 138 and then we'll do a water cut for the show. I'm GROWING because I'm eating what I want as long as it fits my macros (iifym) and following a bit of intermittent fasting (not eating til 1-2 in the afternoon and then eating til about 10-11 pm).

Here are some progress pics. Tomorrow I will start the recipes!