Wednesday, March 27, 2013

13.5 weeks out

We are 13.5 weeks out from NPC Bikini-San Jose Fit Expo. 1.5 solid weeks into cutting. Eating around 1900-2000 cal for this first phase. Finding it somewhat difficult to stay under my macro maximum for fats...because I LOVE PEANUTBUTTER AND MILK... I started a fat burner and I've been drinking a tonnnnn of water and keeping my sodium level really high to counteract any possible cramping. Feeling: Because of that fat burner I've been bloated for a few days. I know this is going to be a psychological battle for the next 6 weeks (what with not being as lean as possible every day because of the water retention). Regardless, I am so happy to have a great coach and trainer who knows what he is doing. Height: 5'10" Current weight: 138.

So there is something I want to mention. Yesterday a friend of mine posted a picture of a girl's diet given to her by a trainer at some gym. This diet consisted of 4 meals with only egg whites, 5-6oz of protein, and 1 cup of veggies. This entire day's worth of calories was AT THE MAXIMUM around 1000 calories if the protein was marbleized beef (but more likely around 800 if she eats chicken or fish). THIS IS SCARY. Ladies, if some trainer is telling you this is what you should eat...RUN. I eat almost double what that girl was told to eat and I'm dropping weight slowly and surely. This fitness journey is NOT a's a long distance race. Stop and think about what you're doing to your body. Eat healthy, but do not starve yourself. Exercise, but do not spend hours at the gym every day. You're going to drive yourself into the ground and destroy your body on the way. Please contact me if you feel pressured into an extreme diet like this, or have no idea where to start:

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