Wednesday, April 24, 2013

9.5 weeks out

Height: 5'10". Current Weight: 134.0 lbs. We are 9.5 weeks out from NPC Bikini-San Jose Fit Expo. 5.5 solid weeks into cutting. We're down to single digits, y'all!

Today's Topic: Money
I am so excited and terrified at the same time! I'm excited because I'm only a few short weeks away from designing and ordering my competition suit, buying my NPC card and contest entry, and getting all the details sorted out. I'm terrified because I feel like I still have so much work to do with my body AND because this is all going to be very expensive over the next few months. For anyone reading this who doesn't know: I pretty much have three jobs. I work at night at a fancy restaurant (I've been with the company for almost four years), I'm a TA for a Literature course at my university (I have 79 students) and I'm a full-time graduate student in English and Comparative Literature. I STILL find time to work out 6 days a week (even if that means at 8:30 AM with my coach) and these next few weeks are going to be HELL finishing up two 15-20 page term papers and a large Digital Humanities project. To say that I'm busy is an understatement. The REASON I'm able to do all of this, though, is (number 1) I have the drive, motivation, and dedication to do so, and (number two) because I have saved enough money to pay my rent all the way until September, pay all my utilities, groceries, car payment, phone payment, workout clothes, and still have enough left over to pay around ~900 dollars left that I have to put out for this competition's expenses. YES this is very expensive, but I don't waste my money on things I don't need (okay, I buy an extra sports bra or tank here or there that I don't need ;) ), I don't eat out, I don't buy alcohol, and I know the amount in my bank account at all times. I worked all throughout college so that I could move out on my own and take care of myself. I use my tax refunds to pay rent and tuition. I recently got hired as an instructor at my University for the Fall so that will take care of tuition and I'll get extra money as a stipend. I budget, write everything down, and I plan out every dollar so that I still have "what-if?" money in the bank. I cannot stress how important it is to get your finances straight so that you can really focus on the things that matter in your life--for me, that's fitness.

Feeling: A little bloated today. I decided to go off birth control and my body is reacting a little poorly to the change (essentially, the lack of regulating hormones). I think in the long-run, I will feel much better without those hormones, even if I means I have to go through a tougher time once every month because of it. Hopefully that feeling subsides. I'm also a little annoyed because I ordered my hot pink powerlifting belt from Inzer OVER a month ago and it's still not going to be here until next week. They are sending me knee wraps and a shirt to say "sorry" but it's still frustrating. It's all good though, I'm not letting anything get me down this week--or ever. I have so much to be thankful for. Last week was absolutely HORRIBLE, with the bombings, shootings, explosions, and earthquakes. So much death and devastation. It totally made me appreciate the amazing life I have and all the progress I'm making--because when I think I have problems, I have to remember people like Jeff Bauman who lost both his legs. Really?! I'm gonna sit here and complain about the fact that I wish I could have a marshmallow? STFU and Train, Ilyssa. Get to work. Love the life you live and live the life you love.

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