Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10.5 weeks out.

We are 10.5 weeks out from NPC Bikini-San Jose Fit Expo. 4.5 solid weeks into cutting. The most difficult part right now is getting down my posing in heels. I can pose just fine flat-footed. But as soon as I get in those heels I wobble and can't seem to contort my body the right way to get that tiny waist and flex my abs. It's frustrating, but I've had a friend helping me and I will eventually hire a posing coach. I think I've found a good pose (seen in the above pictures). Shoving my glute to that left side really helps me flex without running out of air. Today I woke up really bloated, but overall I've been feeling rather tight and dry. I'm dropping weight quickly and not changing my calorie intake at all. There's been a lot of drama in the fitness community lately--in particular about coaches that have cookie-cutter diet plans and drive their athletes into adrenal fatigue and destroy their metabolisms. I've said this before, but I'll say it again. I am SO grateful for a coach who is supportive of a relatively high calorie diet and minimal cardio. I'm lucky because I POWERLIFT. Many girls lift, sure. But are they deadlifting 175 x 12? Are they doing a full bench workout? Are they squatting WITHOUT the Smith Machine and forcing their bodies to figure out stabilization on their own? Many of them probably aren't. You can do curls, lat pull downs, cable flies, and all that other accessory work all day (trust me, I do it too) but unless you LIFT HEAVY with the big four, I don't think it's possible to really shed that fat and get lean unless you incorporate lots more cardio or cut your carbs/calories. I've found success because I put my body through exercises that target not just isolated muscle groups--they strain the whole body. I truly believe my quick progress has been due to this type of programming. Ladies! LIFT. HEAVY. DO THE BIG FOUR. GET INTO THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE.

Feeling: Good! I've been able to keep up with the diet, and it's not too difficult thus far. I still have a greek yogurt with almonds every day (and a Quest bar or two!) I looked at MyFitnessPal and yesterday was my Day 200! I cannot believe I have been on this fitness journey for that long! It's truly flown by, and I'm really proud of the progress I've made. This week I made the decision to stop comparing myself to other women--they have a different journey and a totally different story from me. The progress I make is my own--I don't need to base the quality of my physique on anyone else! I need to be confident in the changes I've made and the places I'm going. Stay positive. Push every day. Don't cheat. Don't give up! Height: 5'10". Current Weight: 135 lbs.

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