Saturday, April 13, 2013

11 weeks out.

We are 11 weeks out from NPC Bikini-San Jose Fit Expo. 4 solid weeks into cutting. Sorry for the mass of pictures, but I finally got a bikini to pose in with a scrunch butt. That's a photo I posted on my instagram (@ohilyssa if you'd like to follow me). This week...or the last couple days...have been really hard. My heart has been broken and I've been really sad. Regardless, yesterday I got in the gym for pull day and yanked out 175# x 12. Last time I attempted 175 I squeezed out 8. But this time, I was able to take in huge breaths at the bottom and really drive off by sticking deep in the ground. I ripped open all of my calluses, but it was so worth it. My coach is in Texas for collegiate nationals, so it was nice to have some powerlifting friends there with me to cheer me own.

Feeling: Like I said, kinda down and depressed due to personal / relational issues...but the gym gives me a euphoria that takes away that pain for a little while. The carb craving at night is difficult--as it should be. But I push through regardless. No cheats. Not even a mini marshmallow or one extra almond. I've dropped weight REALLY quickly though because of this lack of carbs. I really believe that I was holding so much water the first 2.5 weeks BECAUSE of eating carbs at night...and therefore I wasn't getting accurate readings of my weight. I stayed at 137.5 or so for over a week and then dropped to 136 and now 135.5 rapidly. You have to remember I'm eating 1900 calories AT LEAST every day...and I'm still dropping weight. Bikini competitors DO NOT need to starve themselves to lose body fat. Height: 5'10". Current Weight: 135.5 lbs.

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