Monday, June 24, 2013

5 days out PEAK WEEK

Black and White suit picture because the color will be a surpriseeeee. 5 Days Away. I'm pretty bloated in these pictures because of increased water intake. But I know that the final two days water intake will be cut down and carb loading will begin, which is exciting. Coach completely revamped my entire Peak Week diet and saved me from crashing and burning in a broscience hell :) He made things easier on me and I'm hoping and praying that my carb intake works out and I look really dry on stage. I have everything set to go. I just need to get my nails done Thursday and pretty much shave my whole body that night to get ready for the tan on Friday. Meh.

The amazing experiences I've had in this past week could not have come at a better time. It's been full of yoga, clean food, gym sessions, adventures in San Francisco--everything I've needed to distract me from the anxiety of my mind that feels the need to control. Of course I'm freaking out--I get to eat real food in 5 days!--but moreso than that I've been so so blessed by the support that has been poured out from all around me (by a wonderful man, in particular, as well!) I am so happy with this life that I live, and I finally feel so whole. It's really refreshing that this boost of confidence and peace is coming right when I need it most. I know God has me in His arms, and I know I'm gonna rock that stage because I've set myself up for success. Posing comes no problem. Heel-walking is no problem. Joy and Happiness exude from my face no problem. I'm not worried, I'm not "sick of dieting," I'm not "over it," I'm just ready to GO.

Again, to touch on my peak week diet. We're moreso going to regulate sodium intake and cut carbs in a few days. Right now I'm smooth sailing. The MORNING OF competition I will have to wake up every two hours to take in some high carb meals so that I can pretty much swell my muscles. I will update again on either Wednesday or Thursday to let you all know how I'm doing. Follow me on instagram @ohilyssa for more!


  1. YOU ARE SO OVER IT!! Don't lie :p Just playing. You look great!! Good luck with the water cut, and pissing every 2 seconds ;) AND Go get em!!

  2. You look amazing. I can't wait to hear about your results! Even if you don't "win" you've already won. You look so beautiful! And I hope you enjoy splurging in 5 days, I know some people feel guilty even splurging after a competition which I think is'll have earned it big time!