Sunday, June 9, 2013

3 weeks out

Height: 5'10". Current Weight: 129 lbs. We are 3 weeks out from NPC Bikini-San Jose Fit Expo. 12 solid weeks into cutting.

Today's Topic: "If It Fits Your Macros" and Absolute Joy
I did my photos a little different for this post because I had to steal my friend Amber's bathroom haha. Not my usual lighting set-up...but doesn't matter, had to get those photos done. Sorry I didn't post this yesterday, but I wrote this blog post then and now. I'm in Southern California visiting friends and family currently. I'm actually writing this as I wait for my Dads and my sister to get ready because we are all going out to dinner at Morton's tonight! I've planned my calories and macronutrients accordingly so that I can have: A 6 oz Filet Mignon (with no au jus or butter) for 340 calories: (16g F, 0g C, 48g P), steamed broccoli, steamed asparagus (Around 70 calories all together) and...wait for it...A BAKED POTATO (plain!)...which I will share with my sister so I'll only be eating half. I'm sure there will be brussel sprouts on the table too, so I may have a bite or two of those (I've eaten little to NO fat grams all day just so that I could fit this in). I practiced heated yoga this morning with my best friend (who I got to spend the last day or so with), and then I trained delts at the gym today. So after two strenuous workouts, careful calorie watching with a banana (sans PB2), a small chicken salad, and some Arctic Zero to tide me over until tonight... I am so ready to eat. This trip has been really really really successful in terms of my diet~ I never once took a bite of something I shouldn't have!

I'm all about the saying IIFYM (if it fits your macros). My coach and I discussed the potential of a cheat meal on certain weeks, but decided to opt out so that I could just do an IIFYM schedule. I eat extremely clean, nothing processed other than Quest Bars and the occasional Garden Patty. But sometimes, in order to remain sane, I'll let myself have a few ounces of frozen yogurt (always no sugar added and no fat) on a heavy lifting day because I need the carbs. Or maybe I will let myself try that Chicken Tikka Masala sauce--BECAUSE IT FITS MY MACROS--but then I realize that the spices mess with my indigestion and cause me to bloat for the next several days (this just happened last week--stupid decision on my part. I'll have to wait until after my show to have that sauce again). But you live and you learn and I'm not ever going to starve myself or prevent myself from having that extra piece of fruit or that one scoop more of Oatmeal if I can fit it in to my daily limit.

There is NO perfect diet for anyone and so it drives me nuts to see bikini competitors living solely off chicken and broccoli, oats, egg whites and protein. I've cut out ALL protein powder from my diet (other than the 1/3 scoop I put in my oats once or twice a week) because I didn't want my calories going to something that wasn't satiating or filling. I cut out greek yogurt from my diet recently because it was 200 calories I felt I could spend elsewhere in delicious steak (similar fat profile, but no carbs, and way more protein). I cut out vegetables for a little while to focus on quinoa and brown rice, and have only recently RE-incorporated them back because I felt like I missed them. It really is up to you to watch your body, figure out what you react well to and what seems to make you bloat, and then adjust. YES, I'm constantly checking MyFitnessPal, YES I'm a little obsessive about my macronutrient information...but I find it SO much fun to figure out a plan for myself every day. I used to prep all 6-8 meals for myself because that's what I heard other competitors did. Of course I still prepare enough chicken and turkey for several meals still, but now instead of pre-packaging my tupperwares, I decide in the moment what sounds good to me. It gives me that bit of freedom to keep me sane.

Feeling: So here is the Absolute Joy part of the blog post. Emotionally these past few days have been SO wonderful. I've been able to spend some blessed time with great friends and family here in Southern California...I've been able to refocus and get some much needed support. I realized this past few days how much I really MISS so many people...and hopefully I will be able to rekindle friendships that I had been neglecting. Sometimes I get way too focused on ME...and while it's good to be aware of your choices and actions, you need to take other people's lives and goals too! So, sorry my friends if I've been way to focused on MYSELF and not enough on spending time asking YOU how you're doing...that will change. But in any case, I have finally felt happy and CONFIDENT the past couple days. I'm sitting here in the San Diego airport now waiting for my plane and there are a couple of fitness competitors next to me: a female Figure and a male Physique. I know because they still have bits of their competition tan and because yesterday was NPC Southern California Championships...but anyway, it makes me SO excited to know that I'M NEXT! NPC San Jose is the next major's really here!! I cannot wait to just get out there on stage and strut my stuff. Hopefully lots of you can come watch me compete!

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  1. First off, I just wanted to say that you are such an inspiration. I follow you on IG and I have also read some of your blog posts. I love how you put yourself out there. It's such a breath of fresh air to see someone who can do that and I respect that. I am an aspiring powerlifter at 4'11" & 95lbs and have trouble gaining weight but little by little I'm making baby gains. This is going to sound ridiculous but I can't help and notice your hair. My hair is a few inches shorter than yours and I can't seem to tame it at the gym. I've been trying to figure out how you bun your hair by looking at your IG pics. Could you possible explain/post a video on IG on how you put your hair up? My hair just loves to run wild and bounce around while I squat and I can't help but get frustrated. Thank you for doing what you're doing.
    - Your fan from the Sunshine State