Monday, July 1, 2013

Results Post #1

Let's get the point: I got first call-outs! But I placed 6th out of 12. The Top 5 had competed before, and they all had more muscle than I did coming in. I also had a natural chest/no padding. Whatever! They still had WAY better bodies than much more hard work. I can only aspire to put in that much time and effort. They called out the first 5 and then asked me to join the line up for the first round of comparisons. I was just amazed that I got to be out there in first call outs with those amazingly shredded ladies. I'm really really proud of the progress I made and the fact that I got top half my very first show ever! I brought the best package I could have possibly brought and though those last couple days with no water, minimal food choices, and no sodium were pretty much KILLING me, I was so overjoyed that I did as well as I did (all I wanted was to not place last!). I will update more once I get my professional shots / score sheets. Enjoy this for now.


  1. Great job!!! You look amazing! That is so cool that you made 6th place and you'd never competed before :)

    Are you going to do "bulking" now? I can't wait to see more of your progress!

    1. Thank you so much! And yep, I'm going into a very slow and clean bulk. 1750 calories this week and next. 1850 for another two weeks...will probably inch my way up to around 2150 for a while. I'm around 30 weeks out from my next show (Feb 15th, 2014).

    2. That is awesome!!! I'm really excited to see your progress it is so motivating to me. I started a fitness blog on wordpress but I've been so lazy about working out outside of work because my job is already super active. I've also been super lazy about sticking to my "diet" but I have no excuses for that! You're amazing!

  2. Omg! U did so great. I was told about ur site from zach. I hired him to train me a few weeks ago. Congratz on ur first competition. I wanted to see the show but missed out. Ur very inspiring. Im 5'9" and 200lbs so i have a long journey ahead of me but i see it really pays off